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Foundation School

This is a six-week course designed for new members and new Christians to be equipped and grounded in the  basics of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Upon completion of Foundation School,  members are familiarized with the church ministry and are quickly brought up to speed on how to be an effective and successful believer. Classes culminate in a open book final examination, graduation ceremony and  a presentation of available opportunities to serve in the ministry.

Topics Covered

Classes are held after Sunday Services and occasionally on Saturday mornings.

Course 1
The New Creation

  • Know of their salvation and be confident of it.

  • Know about the origin of Sin – The Adamic origin. Sin is the nature of the unbeliever, regardless of if he does good or bad.

  • Know that forgiveness is available to a Christian if he sins

  • Understand that their parentage is of God and he gave them freely because they believed

  • Understand the reality of Spirit , Soul and Body

Course 2
The Holy Spirit

  • Who is the Holy Spirit

  • The Ministry of the Life of a Christian

  • Seven Synonyms of the Holy Spirit

  • How to Receive the Holy Spirit

  • Speaking in Tongues and Why every Christian Should

  • The Seven Spirits of God

  • The Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Ministry Gifts

Course 3
Christian Doctrines

  • Meaning of Doctrine

  • Doctrine of Righteousness

  • Foundation Doctrines of Christ

  • Doctrine on Sanctification

  • Doctrine on Holiness

  • Doctrine on the Law

  • Doctrine on Deliverance

Course 4
Evangelism &


  • The Great Commission

  • The Command of Soul Winning

  • Importance of Winning Others to Christ

  • Chariots/ Vehicles of Winning Souls

  • The Cell Group Ministry

  • The Nurturing and Caring of the Cell Ministry

  • Importance of Corporate Evangelism

  • Principles of Prayer

Course 5
Christian Character & Prosperity


  • God's Desire for Your Growth

  • Your Role: Renewing the Mind, Study, Prayer

  • Walking in the Spirit

  • Serving in the Church

  • Avoid Wrong Associations

  • Your Communication

  • Principles of Prosperity: Tithing, Offering, Partnering and Seed Offerings

Course 6
The Local Assembly & LoveWorld


  • The Universal Church

  • The Local Assembly

  • Why You Must Go to Church

  • The Ministry: Our Vision, Mission and Purpose

  • Our Statements of Faith

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