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Cell Groups are a place of Growth

In a Cell Group, you can ask those burning questions and have all the"mysterious" things about God's word answered.

Cell groups are the perfect way to become involved in the church, whether you are new or looking for a church home. There are opportunities to meet new people, develop your spiritual life and grow into fulfilling God's purpose for your life.

Why do we encourage people to join Cell Groups?

Each cell group is designed to encourage members to fellowship with each other and is an avenue for nurturing you in your journey of faith. In the cell groups, each member is cared for allowing the church to fulfill it's role of being an extension of the love of God. If there are needs or pressing issues, in the cell you can #pray together with others of like faith who genuinely care about your welfare and success in life.

Once you are a part of a cell group, you can join us in reaching others in our communities who need to know God's love and have their #faith nurtured.

In our Cell groups, there are different activities designed to contribute to your development:

  • Bible Study - we have outlines for all the groups and as a church go through the Bible together during our cell meetings

  • Prayer - for yourself, for others, for the Church, for those who don't know Jesus Christ, for the Pastor, for the work of the ministry and much more

  • Planning Community Outreaches

  • Celebrations - Birthdays, New Births, Anniversaries, Promotions, Weddings and any other major life occasions

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